LCBRN investigators are charged a low processing fee for each sample to offset the costs of collecting, handling and preparing the specimens. A sample is defined as one processed piece of a specimen, regardless of the sample size or type of processing. Investigators may be charged a minimal chart review fee for any additional information needed that is not already included with the samples. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the investigator and are determined by the courier utilized. This charge will vary according to the weight and priority status of the shipment.


Service Description Unit of Measure Academic Rate Commercial Rate
Frozen tissue (~100 mg) Each $75 $150
Frozen biofluid (~.5 mL) Each $50 $100
DNA (µg) Each $20 $40
RNA (µg) Each $20 $40
Protein Each $80 $160
Unstained Slide (FFPE) Each $8 $16